Mark Rothko 
untitled [white, blacks, grays on maroon], 1963
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I don’t care much for what has passed already. All that can happen is for things to become better. No matter how great life becomes, there will always be surprises and, no matter what, I will always grow from my experiences if not, at least, enjoy them. Growth may slow down here and there, when I am dragging my feet along a rugged path and I somehow forget how to pick them up, or I refuse to, but other than that life is chaotic and cannot revert back to the form(s) I have already experienced in the past. Attempting to recreate the past will only slow my growth. The only way to stop my growth would be to freeze time or to freeze my experience (with death). Only the latter is possible, and I do not plan on the latter any time in the near future. It is not up to me to decide if my experiences are ready to be left frozen at any instance in time. The reality is that life moves forward, not the other way around. And only do we shrink, physically or mentally, when we have become old and have lost access to many of our experiences in life—which have shaped us up to the current point. Even then, there is still forward movement. Onward. 

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How come my school doesn’t look like a French prison from 2039?
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Augustin Théodule Ribot, St. Vincent (of Saragossa)
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Seer by Nicola Samorì 2011
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  George Clausen - The Village at Night, (c. 1903)
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Lisa Holzer
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I’ve got to admit, the coolness of soy milk is enough to refresh myself after a long day’s work. I feel like I do not need a whole lot of food to sustain myself. It’s nice, because I do not need to worry about spending too much money on food, either. It’s simple. It’s clean. It’s healthy, and sufficient. All I need to do to balance it out is maintain daily exercise by riding my bike to work or skating around the neighbourhood. Life can’t be more perfect, can it?

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There are friends I’ve said
I love to, almost nightly,
Accepting the truth…

There are forests which
Grow abundantly without
The touch of our hands.

Some ink is meant to
Run down parchment on its own—
To take gravity.

We realise all things
Reach a fine ending upon
Colliding at core.


— Victoria Elaine Hughes